Improve Information Distribution

Engage  Members and Extend Relationships

Enrich Membership

Flip provides a collaborative platform for community groups and associations that engages members and encourages them to share thoughts and ideas with each other.

Improve Information Distribution

Flip provides a secure platform for leaders to provide updated information to members on a regular basis in a very cost effective way. New information can be easily added and all members have instant access to the material.   Content can be updated or changed  quickly and easily from any location.

Engage and Extend Membership

Flip empowers members to express themselves around shared content in a non-threatening way. The ‘social media’ similar approach instantly creates the feeling of a community within the association or group.

  • Flip allows members to comment and and make annotations on specific portions of  the content and share their thoughts and opinions with other members.
  • Flip is coud-based, so it can accommodate any number of members in a community group or an association.

Enrich Membership

Flip provides instant analytics and insights to provide information to leaders on members who are the most engaged and a venue for members to make comments, request clarification of information, and to ask questions. The information from these analytics can help leaders to identify thought leaders or key opinion leaders within the association or the group, while at the same time, providing additional assistance to members who need more attention.

Easy to Use and Cost-Effective

  • Flip is a cost-effective option, especially for those organizations with a large or changing user groups
  • Flip is ideal for organizations or groups who cannot, or who do not wish to manage and support the internal infrastructure of content distribution training programs themselves.
  • Flip is remotely hosted and only requires web browsers; no other software or hardware installation is required. No internal IT services are needed. Flip can be used on mobile devices