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Secure Document Distribution

Instant, Measurable Analytics and Insights

Extend Relationships

Customized Branding & Integration

Cost Effective & Easy to Deploy

Flip is different from other teaching or training platforms. Flip harnesses the power of conversation and engages the entire team to provide a robust, successful learning environment where everyone can contribute and results can be measured.

Engage Members

What makes Flip stand out from other programs is the intimate way that it connects learners.

  • Flip creates a community of learners by engaging members to start conversations  around shared information and content. By connecting training content and conversations so intimately, Flip takes advantage of peer-to-peer learning and adds depth to the traditional instructor-to-student experience.
  • Flip facilitates exploratory learning by giving participants time to review and respond to others and approach learning in collaborative way.  This style of learning can contribute to the development of cognitive, critical thinking skills because it allows time for thoughtful, in-depth reflection on content topics.  Members have more time to think about, research, and compose their thoughts before contributing to the discussion. The results are educational discussions pinpointed around targeted content at exactly the grain size that learners need to learn.
  • As a supplement, trainers, employers, teachers and leaders may seed their classes with thought leaders to influence the conversation and help guide other team members. Everyone can mentor by sharing.


Secure Document Distribution

    • Users can not print full documents from the platform
    • Users can not share confidential documents or videos
    • Content access is restricted and controlled


Instant Analytics and Insights to Measure Performance

  • Performance measurement is a vital  element in a successful training program. Flip displays statistics about the “hotspots” that are getting the most attention.  In the training context, such “hotspots” can be signs that the passages in question are causing difficulties for learners.
  • Flip gives a bird’s eye view of which members are participating the most and which members seem to be having trouble.   This information provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of the content and the instructor.   Improved content or additional resources can be added immediately or can be added at the start of the next course, training or class.
  • Flip aggregates, analyzes, and visualizes members’ input behind the scenes, with no leader or instructor effort. Leaders are usually able to discern immediately – without the need to administer surveys or quizzes — which members are  thought leaders and which are lagging behind.
  • Flip generates instant, actionable analytics to help trainers, teacher and leaders to:

Measure the clarity of the content
Measure member participation
Measure the effectiveness of the instructor
Refine content based on these measurements

Extend Relationships to Improve Retention

    •  Flip extends relationships with  trainers/teachers or leaders with their members.  The result is  improved retention of the content and a more intimate relationship with the trainers, teachers, or leaders, as well as with other members. After a training is over,  portions of what  has been  learned or the underlying significance of learning it, is often forgotten. By leaving  the content available for a while after a training,  members can keep the training course a lasting and “virtual” presence.  They can review what others said and the reasons they said it.  They can “pull” other participants back in if they want to resume a live discussion.  Flip provides the interactive venue to encourage improved retention and follow-up after the training has concluded.
    • Extending the time that a course is open or that content is available allows “for pay” training providers the opportunity to take advantage of the additional revenue that is generated.


Customized Branding and Integration

    • Flip provides options to meet the specific needs of your organization. Flip allows you to change the look and feel of the user interface to match that of your brand. You can include company or department logos and colors or themes that are consistent with you specific organization. Branding can be an important factor in terms of trust, but it also provides your users with a more consistent user experience and allows you to speak with a consistent, unified voice.
    • Flip can be hosted on our cloud servers or privately inside your firewall. Flip can be integrated into your existing learning management system. The system is integrated into your existing infrastructure and seamlessly into your business process.
    • Flip can provide a single-sign-in option to authenticate users against internal directory systems. Personalized pricing options allow you to choose which options are important to you and to your success in reaching the goals of your organization.


 Cost-effective & Easy to Deploy

  • Flip is easily deployed and only requires an internet connection and a web browser, no other software or hardware installation is required. No internal IT services are needed.
  • Flip can be accessed 24/7  from your internet enabled device including most mobile devices. Flip is ideal for organizations who cannot, or who do not wish to incur the cost or additional staff needed to manage and support the internal infrastructure of training programs themselves.
  • Flip is a cost-effective option, especially for those organizations with a large or changing user groups.
  • Flip provides a secure (non-extractable) document distribution system. There is no need to reformat existing PDFs or videos. This means that migrating from a traditional instructor-led classroom style training to a Community is swift and seamless.
  •  Flip accepts most universally applicable types of documents including, PDFs, Videos and links.
  • Flip accepts unlimited content, so no worries about server overload. Materials are backed so no worries about lost material.
  • Individuals working within the organization can provide comprehensive training at times and locations required by the various individuals, groups in multiple locations. By eliminating travel expenses, Flip is designed to be a low cost, flexible way to provide information or training without requiring a typical classroom training setting.
  • Flip allows you to reach more participants by allowing last minute registrations. Participants can be added on a moment’s notice. This allows training providers to capture important last-minute registrants.   This flexible capture of last-minute registrants enables internal training departments to spread the cost of a class over as many students as possible, reducing the average cost per participant.
  • Flip can be customized to include messaging and hyperlinks to revenue generating sites.  For example, links can be provided to register for the next class, to order hard copies of the documents being used, or to order other products of the instructor’s choice.