Improve the ROI on Training Dollars

Engage Team Members and Extend Relationships

Measure Training Effectiveness

Improve the ROI on Training Dollars

Corporations spend millions of dollars annually on  training programs.   Flip provides an innovative way of delivering  training that engages students while providing employers and content providers with instant, actionable insights into the effectiveness of their programs.  Thus, helping  to ensure training dollars are spent more efficiently.

People don’t access information or learn the same way they used to.  Flip is a cloud based program that uses a familiar social media model to deliver a convenient, instructor led or self-paced training solution.

Increasing transportation costs and higher infrastructure costs have made providing adequate training expensive and time consuming. Flip provides the flexibility to participate in the training  from work, home or, on the go. This saves valuable dollars for the company and increases the production of employees because it does not require that they take time out of their work week to travel to alternate locations to get the training required.

Engage Your Team

Many training systems fail because employees do not retain knowledge from training. One of the major reasons employees forget their training, is that they were not engaged with the training, the company, or their colleagues.

The way that material is presented is a major factor in getting employees engaged and keeping them engaged. If employees are engaged with the training and given the opportunity to be interactive with the leaders as well as other employees, they will be more likely to retain the information longer and thus perform their jobs better.

Flip engages members by using a familiar social media model and facilitates self -organizing learning communities. Employees learn in a format that they are comfortable with and they have the opportunity to share experiences and learn from one another.

Extend Your Training

Flip provides a structured platform that allows learning to extend outside the classroom and continue beyond the duration of the course.  This allows the provider to extend their engagement with the participant and offer follow-on mentoring and consulting.

In the case of “For Pay Providers” this provides an opportunity for additional revenue from ongoing service level agreements.

Measure Training  Effectiveness

A successful training cycle isn’t complete without an evaluation of the training’s effectiveness.

Flip generates instant, actionable analytics from comments and annotations to facilitate measurement-based refinement of your course content.

  • Measure the clarity of the content
  • Measure the effectiveness of the instructor
  • Measure student participation
  • Refine the content based on these measurements

Thus improving the ROI on training dollars.

Insights provided by Flip help companies make, smarter, faster and more informed training decisions.