Secure, Non-Extractable Controlled Document Sharing

Document Review form Mobile Devices

Multiple Document Styles ………….Including Videos

While everyone’s experience is unique, most companies can agree that document review can be challenging.

From version management, to getting all reviewers on the same page, to aggregating comments from multiple reviewers, document, and document review can drain a lot of time, productivity and money from an organization.

Secure, Non-Extractable Document Sharing

  • Flip offers a secure, controlled document review solution to make it easier for teams to work together to deliver high quality documents without spending too much time or exceeding budgets.Flip for document review makes it easy to distribute documents to members in multiple locations.
  • The Flip system is on a cloud platform, so members can review the documents on most any mobile device that has access to the internet at the office, at home or on the go. This feature is especially beneficial when input from members that are not located in the same place is required.
  • Flip provides more than just document sharing, Flip engages team members and gives them the opportunity to collaborate within the document through annotations and comments. This feeling of engagement helps to foster team relationships and provide all members the opportunity to voice their opinions in a non-threatening environment. This gives everyone the opportunity to contribute, and provides a feeling of shared ownership within the team of reviewers.
  • Flip provides a secure (non-extractable) document distribution system to protect the privacy of your information. Documents are easy to add to Flip and there is no need to reformat existing PDFs or videos. The process to add documents is quick and easy.
  • No more working with multiple documents with multiple comments and changes from multiple reviews.
  • Flip’s seamless process can save your team time, aggravation and money!
  • Flip can also provide measurement-based analytics that that can provide insights into which team members are participating in the review process, as well as, providing information on areas within the document that are resulting in more attention.Simply speaking, Flip provides simultaneous, controlled and secure collaboration that results in faster document review and an improved quality of documents that are produced.

Document Review from Mobile Device

  • Flip makes it possible to review documents from your mobile device.  This added convenience saves time and productivity and decreases the time it typically takes for the document review process.

Multiple Document Styles….Including Videos

  • Fip accepts multiple document styles…including videos.Documents are easily to add to Flip and there is no need to reformat existing PDFs or videos. The process to add documents is quick and easy.
  • Reviewers can make comments and annotation on specific spots in a video in the same way comments and annotations are made on other documents types.