Increase Student Engagement

Extend Relationships

Measure & Refine Content

The problem with so much educational technology these days, is that they attempt to replace teachers with videos.

Flip doesn’t  do that. Flip uses a collborative platform and technology to help teachers be better teachers by giving them effective  teaching tools and  insights into how their students are relating to the material and how content is performing.

Increase Student Engagement

  • Flip helps students become better students by providng a platform, similar to a social media module, that increases engagement because it allows  students to collaborate with their peers.   Students are introduced to concepts by their instructors or by content, but they internalize those concepts through discussion and interaction with other students.
  • Students are sometimes knowledgeable on the content presented and can explain things in a  simpler way.    Giving  students the opportunity to make comments and  start conversations can often  fill in the gaps for some students.
  • Flip improves student engagement and facilitates the development of self-organizing online learning communities, thus creating a community of learners.Flip facilitates exploratory learning by giving students more time to review the material and respond to others approaching leaning in a more collaborative way.
  • The collaborative style of learning can contribute to the development of cognitive, critical thinking skills because it allows time for thoughtful, in-depth reflection on content topics. Members have more time to think about, research, and compose their thoughts before contributing to the discussion.

The results yield educational discussions pinpointed around the targeted content at exactly the grain size that learners need to learn.  As a supplement, teachers, they may be able to identify thought leaders to influence the conversation and help guide the other student. Everyone can mentor by sharing their expertise.

Extend Relationaships

Flip provides a structured platform that allows learning to extend outside of the classroom and continue beyond the duration of the class or course. This allows the teacher to extend their engagement with students and offer follow-on mentoring and consulting.

In the case of “For Pay Providers” this provides an opportunity for additional revenue from ongoing service level agreements.

Measure & Refine Content

Flip generates instant, actionable analytics from comments and annotations to facilitate measurement-based refinement of your course content and to provide insights on performance and participation.

  • Measure the clarity of the content
  • Measure the effectiveness of the instructor
  • Measure student participation
  • Refine the content based on these measurements

Flip allows you to improve or refine content quickly and easily if problems with comprehension are indicated or if additional resorces are needed to reinforce the message and increase student understanding.

What is a Flipped classroom?

“In the context of training, flipping means reversing the way you design the learning environment so participants are engaging in activities, applying concepts, and focusing on higher- level learning outcomes during the training session. When you flip, you switch from instructor-centered design to participant-centered design. You move from being the “sage on the stage” to being the “guide on the side” which allows you to create a learning environment that is engaging, motivational, and productive.” _ Flip Training and Classroom expert, Barbi Honeycutt, PHD.