In 2008, two Carnegie Mellon University professors (a computer scientist, Ananda Gunawardena, and a humanist, David Kaufer) teamed up to build a platform to encourage social learning by integrating context and interpretation.

They used the original platform, known as Classroom Salon, in their classes to facilitate collaboration around their course materials and to measure and interpret student participation.

Today, this platform serves over 10,000 users and has expanded beyond the classroom to serve businesses, professional associations and community groups.

Flip Your Training was founded to commercially spin-off this technology to the corporate learning marketplace and operates under a license from Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Ananda Gunawardena is a founding partner of Flip Your Training.

Flip is a direct descendant of the research done at Carnegie Mellon University, expanded and optimized for both the education and  corporate learning market that it serves. As part of our partnership and licensing agreement, Flip will continue to incorporate ongoing academic work into its future releases.