Flip is a web based meeting place for increasing the knowledge
of participants through conversation. It can be used for training,
creating a community or reviewing documents, videos or links.

  • For Business, Flip provides a convenient, collaborative, and productive training solution to meet the changing training needs of employees and to provide training efficiencies to companies.
  • For Education, Flip provides an alternative instructional format that resembles familiar social media platforms used by students to increase learning and retention.
  • For Document Review, Flip provides a solution to manage and control the document review process to help minimize frustration and confusion that can occur with multiple reviewers in various locations.
  • For Associations and Study Clubs, Flip provides a forum to disseminate information to members in multiple locations simultaneously and encourages interaction between members.
  • For Branding & Integration, Flip can  match aspects of  your brand and provide a consistent user experience.  Flip can integrate with existing learning management systems and can provide a single-sign-on option.