Flip is an easy to deploy, cost-effective, cloud-based platform for training and disseminating information to groups and individuals.

Flip provides a platform similar to a social media platform for increasing the knowledge of  participants through conversation.   Members can select and comment on specific portions of  content at any granularity (a textual passage, a portion of an image, or a particular segment of a video).  Other members can then review and respond to these comments at any level of depth.

Through proprietary ’heat-mapping’ technology, Flip provides  instant, actionable  analytics to provide valuable information on the clarity of the content, the participation of members and the effectiveness of the instructors.

Flip has demonstrated success in business, education, associations and study -groups.  

Flip can incorporate elements of your personalized branding to create a seamless interface with your organization and can provide a single-sign-on option, if desired.   Flip can also integrate with existing learning management systems and can operate on our cloud servers or privately within your firewall.

Flip can be used  for all sizes of organizations and pricing is  customized to your specific needs and requirements.