Flip is different from other teaching or training platforms that you may have used in the past.

Flip harnesses the power of conversation  and engages the entire team to provide a robust, successful learning environment where everyone can contribute.

Flip leverages a  platform that is similar to the familiar  social media platforms that have increased in popularity and in use in the past few years.   Using a platform that many members are comfortable with sets the stage for a more successful training or learning experience.

Members have the ability to make comments regarding specific part of the content, in a document, in a video or in a link.  The comments can be viewed by all members or can be viewed by only select individuals in your group.

A great time-saving benefit that Flip offers is the ability for comments to be sent directly to the leader’s email and will allow him/her to respond from the email, rather than having to return to Flip.

Because Flip is on a cloud based server, there is NO LIMIT on content!  Flip accepts most any type of document and migration to Flip is very easy.   All you need to get started with Flip is an internet connection and a browser.  FLip can be accessed from most mobile devices for even more convenience.

There is no installation of software or hardware required, and not internal IT services are needed.  Additionally, Flip does not require a long term contract or a minimum number of members to use Flip.

Flip provides instant analytics that can provide information to  instructors and leaders regarding which portions of the content are getting the most attention or are causing the most difficulty.   It allows a bird’s eye view of which members are participating the most and which members see to be having trouble.   This information provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of the content and the instructor.   Improved content or additional  resources can be added immediately or can be added t the start of the next course, training or class.

Learn, Share & Leverage 

Flip enhances the learning process by fostering collective intelligence and allows members to learn from each other in a virtual study group environment.

Flip enables students to make, share, and discuss anchored comments and annotations. These abilities support focused conversations with their peers independent of location and time.

Flip’s contextually driven conversation mechanism keeps the discussion on target, avoids topic drift, and reduces extraneous cognitive overload. Everyone can mentor by sharing their expertise.

Flip further provides technologies to leverage data from the annotation stream to provide thoughtful insights such as which members are participating most, which ones are thought leaders, and where the training or course material may need clarification or improvement.